#513 – Weight

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! New comics resume on Friday.

Our dog is only 15 pounds but still makes blanket adjustments a nightmare at 3AM. I can’t imagine what it’s like for people with large or multiple animals piled everywhere. How many creatures sleep in your bed each night?

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28 thoughts on “#513 – Weight”

  1. Ripster says:

    Four – Myself, husband and two 15-ish pound dogs. I have Schipperkes and one usually sleeps between us down towards the foot of the bed. The other varies in her position from above my head on the extra pillow (aka dog bed) or between my knees/feet which makes changing position in the middle of the night a multi-step process. PLUS their cover hogging tendencies as illustrated in today’s comic!

  2. Sven says:

    I loved our cats when I was growing up, but sleeping in my bed while I was in it was not something I allowed. As a result, removing a cat from my bed and putting outside my bedroom door was a nightly ritual before I went to sleep.

    Of course, if I went to the bathroom during the night and left the door open too long, they would use the opportunity to sneak back in. 🙂

  3. Angie says:

    I have one cat that sleeps on top of me, and I often feel a bit guilty when I have to shift around and disturb his sleep. The other cat sleeps on the extra pillow, and with him I have to be careful that he doesn’t think I’m really awake or he will start bugging me to feed him if its anywhere near sunrise.

    1. boog says:

      One of our cats used to beg for food in the morning because we would feed her in the morning. She would meow very loudly and attack us until we woke up and gave her breakfast. Feeding time quickly became an evening-only ordeal. Problem solved… well, one problem solved, anyway.

  4. trebane says:

    The only dog that I ever let sleep in the bed with me was a boxer. He would burrow under the covers to be closer to my body heat. I’d often have to either turn the heat off, or turn a fan on, just to stay cool enough.

  5. MrMutt says:

    Only one of my two dogs sleeps on the bed. He’s a german shepherd at about 120 lbs. He doesn’t give me much room and growls and grumbles when he has to make room. He screams with delight in the morning when I stir.

    1. Chris says:

      Hahaha, cute!

  6. bbo says:

    not counting bed bugs, fleas and the other crap smaller than eyesight, nothing. but even when I still had cats, they never did want to sleep in my bed anymore after I had to forcefully remove them from my legs several times in a night.

    1. Nosetroll says:

      Man, I was gonna draw the bedbugs card. But yeah, heard that after 4 years or so, 1/3 of a pillow’s weight is bedbugs, half of them dead. Try sleeping while thinking about THAT! On my 36th waking hour now, though mostly because of work..

      1. bbo says:

        thank god my pillows are replaced after about 2 years…

  7. boog says:

    I have this same problem. I don’t know how our (40 pound) dog gets all the covers under her – she’s not even allowed to sleep on the bed at night (my wife says she can cuddle on the bed in the morning but that’s it). Somehow she waits for us to fall asleep and sneaks up onto the bed.

    The 2 cats are allowed to sleep on the bed, but when they do (not always), they usually hold us down rather than hog the covers.

  8. OhHaiMe says:

    None, I’m so alone ;-;

  9. TheWhitefire says:

    At night, there’s my wife and my two dogs (I’m at work.) Earl morning, there’s me, my two dogs, and my wife. During the afternoon, there’s me and my two dogs. So it vascilates between two and three throughout the day. Our dogs are really only active between 3:30pm and 1:30 am.

  10. Jetra says:

    We have two cats and a kitten. However the one cat likes to sleep in the crook of my legs, so it’s a pain to get up. Once in a while, the little cat will sleep by my chest, effectively pinning me.

  11. Kitty says:

    We have a little 6 lb. cat that sometimes sleeps with us, but when she does, she manages to take up the entire bed. She’s so cute and tiny we worry about squishing her so whoever’s side she is on ends up curled into a little ball so she has almost half the bed to herself. She lets out sad little squeaks if you bump her with your feet. It’s maddening but we still love it when she wants to be with us. She is also a blanket hog…sigh

  12. kingklash says:

    My sister-in-law had a cat that had a mutant ability to concentrate all her weight into one paw, then place that paw on your body right where it’d get the most attention. Couple that with her other ability that would allow a single ten-pound cat to occupy a king-size bed, and sleep was a Wipeout course.

  13. Miles says:

    Either the black or the white cat by themselves weigh about twelve to fifteen pounds (they squirm to much to be put on the scale or held and get an accurate reading). Collectively, they can occupy bed area in such a way that makes sleep quite difficult… but they are so warm and fluffy!

  14. ZeoViolet says:

    Oh I was SO laughing at this. This was just the scenario last night with my cat. Sometimes she’ll snuggle between blanket layers in winter but other times she curls herself on the bed pressed so tightly to me that if I want more blanket, I have to squirm and nudge.

  15. Geroche says:

    My german short-haired pointer would push up against me. By 2am I’d wake up half off the bed.

  16. Rhiakath says:

    Creatures in my bed?

    My cat;
    My girlfriend;
    The monster below.

    And me, of course….

    1. kingklash says:

      The web show “Glove and Boots” have decided that full-grown animals could be worse than Bed Bugs. BED MOOSE!

  17. WitUnderPressure says:

    i was going to make a joke about pet cows, but i think it might not go over so well, given the context.

  18. ZeoViolet says:

    By the way….I liked this one so much I shared it on Facebook. And that is something I rarely do with anything.

    1. Chris says:

      Thank you so much!

  19. WhiteKatsu says:

    We have three cats and one dog (and one cornsnake). Our dog stays downstairs and either sleeps in the recliner or her dog bed. She doesn’t seem to like sleeping with people. Our three cats, though, will crowd my poor mum as she sleeps on her bed.
    (They aren’t allowed into my room without me awake and watching, because they seem to think my cornsnake is a living string toy so I worry they might rip the screen and get into her cage to “play” with her.)

  20. Freezie43110 says:

    Me, one miniature poodle, one pitbull/boxer puppy at fifty pounds, one papillon, and a maltese mutt. Dogs love me.

    On rare occasions, a cat joins us.

  21. cookiesmayfly says:

    Only one. It’s terribly annoying. It gets very moody in mornings, won’t get up and it eats all my chocolate. And every time I look in the mirror, it will hide on the other side of it, so i can’t see…

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