#51 – Al dente

I never tried to make spaghetti until after I moved away for college. I had experience making macaroni and cheese and so I figured it was basically the same technique, just a different shape. I got the water boiling and put the noodles in. Somehow it didn’t occur to me that the noodles were more than twice the height of the pot. They stuck out over the edge and within a few seconds caught fire. Luckily it was only half the box and after I cleaned up the mess I had a second chance.

Today’s Biff is on the rebound.

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17 thoughts on “#51 – Al dente”

  1. Nicoli20 says:

    The man should give Shelia a chance before bashing on her cooking skills. =p

  2. Chuck says:

    Hahaha breaking the noodles is the best part.

    1. Owen says:

      You don’t have to break them! You hold them in the water and they soften and bend.

      1. Chuck says:

        I repeated: breaking the noodles is the best part.

        1. sam says:

          I agree whole heartedly…

  3. Gwid says:

    Ahhh, spaghetti. That comprised most of the dinner of my childhood life because, with five kids, that was the only thing we agreed on. Wholemeal spaghetti covered in pasta sauce (the GOOD type, of course) with cheese. Nothing coul – can beat it!


  4. Loraxxe says:

    Breaking pasta is for newbs. Instead, once the part in the pot has softened, curve it around and push the rest in. 😀

    1. Chuck says:

      Breaking pasta is for people who like to break things.

    2. sam says:

      and half the spaghetti gets cooked longer than the other, leaving the entire meal unevenly cooked. Also shorter spaghetti noodles are easier to eat with making a mess, ergo breaking is the best method

  5. Arjan says:

    I always break spaghetti in 2 so I won’t have to wait till you can bend it 🙂

  6. Wigster says:

    Fun fact: My dog CAN make spaghetti. Also, Shelia will probably have more success than Biff would.

  7. AmanoYuki says:

    Pfft… I wpould find this funnier if I ate spaghetti… It’s the sauce. I am naturally intollerant to sauces of all kinds.

    1. Repo says:

      I don’t eat spaghetti sauce with my pasta, just butter and parmesan cheese. delicious.

      1. jecca says:

        White beans, parmesan, little bit of olive oil or butter, oregano. Awesomeness.

  8. DTLe says:

    When I saw the dog I thought you were going for a “Lady and the Tramp” joke. I guess not.

  9. Fussel says:

    You know, with the right pot it doesnt matter. I just throw them in and when they become soft they start to drown 😛

  10. Cadier says:

    Oh, I HATE spaghetti! x’D I like macaroni, and I tolerate noodles (though I am allergic to my favourite flavour, and even that one isn’t very good), but I hate spaghetti. Tagliatelle is fine with some salt on it. I don’t do sauces. x’) I usually don’t mix foods at all.

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