#505 – Cereal

Cereal was always a race for me. I loved the crunch. If something happened where I had to leave my bowl for a few minutes I would just have to throw it out. Amazingly my son has the exact opposite approach. He uses his spoon to methodically push all the cereal around to give a uniform coating of milk. He then lets it sit until it achieves the desired “milkyness”.

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12 thoughts on “#505 – Cereal”

  1. jared says:

    i had braces on my teeth for 12.5 YEARS – crunchy cereal meant an extra trip to the orthodontist to glue another batch of metal back onto my teeth. also apples, corn on the cob, most candy, even doritos… anything crunchy at all put me at risk of having the doc pry my mouth open, grind off old glue, put horrible tasting acidic ‘etching’ on my teeth for 15 minutes, spray it off (and onto my tongue), and then glue new metal into place followed by prying those tiny rubber bands around them and rather think wire that connected them all together.

    i grew up loathing the crunch. coupled with the TMJ that developed as a side-effect of my mouth being constantly adjusted, i still can’t do crunchy today. as an adult i still do as your kid does – i sink my cereal until it is ALMOST soggy, then eat it quickly before it turns to disgusting ooze.

    my wife LOVES those super hard “nature’s valley” granola bars. i can’t even understand how you’re supposed to eat them. and edible ball-bearings on cupcakes?!? who the hell thought those were a good idea?? i just don’t get it. but i’m biased, and i know that, so i guess it’s my failing not everyone else’s.

  2. Michael Derry says:

    I like my cereal crunchy but I still make sure to dunk every piece under the milk at least once to keep things even. If you eat the soggiest bits from the bottom and let the dry stuff fall in as you go, it stays slightly more consistent without needing to rush too much.

    I almost always drink the milk afterward. I’ve heard strange rumors of people who just dump it out when they’re done.

    1. Falos says:

      Dumping the milk? Whywouldyoudothat??

  3. sam says:

    I’m with you! though I wouldn’t bother with milk, why risk soggy when you can just eat it dry? and with your fingers which is even better!

  4. R. E. Hunter says:

    It seems no one asked the obvious question: did you get a paternity test? 8^)

    1. Chris says:

      No, we look nearly identical when I was his age.

  5. ZackDark says:

    Milk?! In MY cereal?! HERESY!!!

    Seriously, though. I rather have them dry and crunchy.

    1. Andrew says:


  6. Jaja says:

    I actually like both, and I think it depends a lot on which kind of cereal you eat. Some cereals I like to simply eat dry as a snack, others are better eaten soggy with milk for breakfast, and others are simply delicious stirred in vanilla yogurt as a desert.

  7. kingklash says:

    I like my cereal like I like my women: covered on milk, sugar fortified, and sometimes with a toy surprise.

  8. Ilovesaphie says:

    I can eat it either way…
    Is that a bad thing?

  9. Sara Hysaro says:

    I like that level juuust under dry crunchy. I loathe soggy, but all of my cereal needs to get dunked in the milk before I’ll eat it. Well, unless it’s a peanut butter based cereal – in that case I’ll eat it completely dry.

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