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I’m so used to ordering fast food by the number I’m thrown a bit when I want to order an individual item. I guess it’s rare enough that it throws some order takers as well. There’s a pause where I wait for them to tell me how much my order is and they are waiting for me to tell them what drink I want.

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16 thoughts on “#503 – Single”

  1. I did this yesterday. Needed to cut carbs, and I was in a hurry, so I got a double quarter-cheese at McDonalds. No fries. But yeah, I need a small diet Coke.

    OH THE CONFUSION. It turns out that for just 30 cents more I can have fries. I don’t want fries. THIRTY CENTS. I DON’T WANT FRIES.

    1. (Aside: I ended up with indigestion. I need to be in less of a hurry next time I’m out.)

    2. Chris says:

      “It’s 80 cents cheaper if you get the fries! You are throwing money away! Throw out the fries instead! Use my mouth!”

  2. Cyndaquazy says:

    As a person that used to work in a sandwich shop, it really threw me off when someone tried to custom order a sandwich that isn’t on the menu. I’d usually have to do magic and modify the closest sandwich that we DID have, and the process (ringing them up and making the sandwich) usually took about 3× as long as a regular order.

  3. Flaming Skeptic says:

    I hate this! If I say I want a hamburger don’t ask me if I mean the combo meal? I asked for a HAMBURGER! If I wanted a combo meal I would ask for a combo meal.

    1. McWorker says:

      As a McWorker, I can tell you the reason half of the workers ask if you want a meal is because roughly 80% of customers say “Can I get So-N-So burger?” but in reality they actually want the meal that includes said burger. So instead of being yelled at when the customer receives their food sans fries, we just ask if they want a meal. A good worker will take -no- for an answer.

      1. Chris says:

        I believe it!

  4. Library Lady says:

    I hate combo meals! I’m willing to pay for what I want and willing to wait while they make it. Why can’t they give me what I asked for instead pushing the giant drink and fries I don’t want and can’t finish? One of the reasons I now avoid fast food chains, too wasteful.

  5. sam says:

    I guess this just doesn’t apply to me this often… I always order items individually, only occasionally do I make it a combo, more often if they offer a shake upgrade that would save me a whole dollar

  6. jammit says:

    I want a hamburger. Sans buns.

  7. Falos says:

    @McWorker: Yes, most folk can’t order properly, we appreciate your patience and second-guessing.

    @Howard Tayler: When I was younger I’d regularly order the “best value” but if it takes me forever to finish then I’d rather “overpay” with less money and get a better fit.

  8. Jason says:

    Here in Germany, usually if you order a single item they’ll ask you if you meant to order a single item, so there’s no delay.

  9. Taurin says:

    At Tim Horton’s (Canadian Coffee & Doughnut shop) I’ll occasionally get a hot chocolate with a peppermint herbal tea bag in it [it makes it taste like an After Eight]. I regularly get this server that I don’t think knows how to charge just for a tea bag, because she always gives it to me just for the cost of the hot chocolate…and of course I love her for it.

  10. kingklash says:

    Last combo meal I ordered was a cold slice of pizza, French toast, cottage cheese, a packet of soy sauce, five Twizzlers, and a warm bottle of Faygo. Not a combo I was expecting.

  11. “I’ll have a Famous Star with cheese.”
    “No, just the sandwich.”

    “I’ll have a Jack’s Spicy Chicken, just the sandwich.”

    1. OH, AND ALSO

      “I’ll have a Chicken Club combo.”
      “What number is that?”

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