#467 – Stirred

I loved chocolate milk. We had it occasionally at my house but it was a staple at my friend’s. Over there we got to make it ourselves without any parental supervision. Therefore we used way too much chocolate syrup. I would usually have to choke down a few gulps and then cut it back with more milk to bring it to a normal level.

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5 thoughts on “#467 – Stirred”

  1. kingklash says:

    You ever get to use the powdered stuff as a kid? You forget about the milk, and just start eating it by the spoonful. Them someone makes somebody else laugh, a Quik-splosion occurs, and what decorum there was goes out the window, and before you know it, Ma bans you from the pantry for a month.

    1. Library Lady says:

      I remember doing that! Didn’t get banned from the pantry, just had to clean up the mess.

      1. kingklash says:

        I am one of four kids, so all of us were booted.

  2. pbarnrob says:

    Another TwoFer;
    1. Chocolate ‘filled’ (reconstituted dry, with veggie oils) milk in the messhall in Iwakuni JP (this was ’65-’66) was the way to cut the white stuff to just palatable. In Danang, they had the canned real milk, (irradiated to kill everything).
    2. A loady friend taught me to make ice cream with ‘surprises’; a glob of strawberry jam, a few fresh nuts, chunk of chocolate, etc., then sprinkle camouflage of Quik over it all. WOW!

  3. This guy says:

    It’s still not racist

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