#448 – Charge

I’m always stealing batteries for remotes or from remotes. When you need an emergency battery they are an obvious source. Eventually though the batteries all migrate back and the whole trip starts over.

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9 thoughts on “#448 – Charge”

  1. Morena says:

    Here is a quick question. Does it make a difference to you (revenue-wise) whether the comics are read with ad-block on or not? I’m happy to disable it if it does.

    1. Chris says:

      Yes, the majority of the money I use to feed my children comes from the ads.

      1. jared says:

        that stinks – i’m running firefox on rhel5 and with ad-block disabled on your site the browser crashes rather consistently. i HAVE to use adblock to visit your site (and many others). i think the issue might be related to corporate ip filtering.

        if i buy a few items from you would that satisfy my karmic debt to you?

        1. Chris says:

          You are in no debt to me. 🙂
          Purchases do help my family greatly.

          1. ZackDark says:

            Do we have to click them to generate revenue or simply seeing them is enough for your model?

          2. Chris says:

            Viewing is fine. Only click on things you are genuinely interested in.

          3. kingklash says:

            Does your family need batteries?

  2. Morena says:

    Good to know. From now on I will disable ad-block on your site. Unless your Children are obese and you are looking for an excuse to feed them less. In which case I expect you to thank me.

  3. pbarnrob says:

    The kid’s invented the Neuralizer! WOOT!

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