#426 – Snoot

Our dog will occasionally startle herself with her own farts or stomach gurgles. Don’t look at me dog, that was you. This time it was actually you.

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10 thoughts on “#426 – Snoot”

  1. Radical Edward says:

    We deal with cats in our house. They have worse farts than dogs because their poo is concentrated. Trust me, nothing worse than icky cat farts.

    1. S. Aquila says:

      I know the feeling, I got 5 cats.

      They are professional grade ninja farts. You smell it, but it doesn’t make a sound. Then they give you an expression that says “I deny everything.” and they walk off.

      1. Radical Edward says:

        We had this one cat who’d fart in self-defense whenever she was picked up to be cuddled. She recently died of leukemia. I miss her every day.

        1. Octothorpe says:

          You made me look like I was bipolar or something. One second I was laughing over the fact that your cat would fart in denial of being picked up, and then making a loud “Aww” sound the next second when you said that she died of leukemia. D: sorry for you loss.

  2. Library Lady says:

    The dog sleeps under the covers?

  3. kingklash says:

    I always wondered if our pets’ sense of smell is just way different than ours besides sensitivity. They seem to dig on stuff that makes us humans gag.

  4. jared says:

    @Library Lady:
    our dog sleeps under the covers too. being part beagle, she is somewhat small (30 pounds). she started out sleeping on the foot of the bed (on, as in between our feet but above the covers) but over time she’s got into the habit of scrambling under the covers when we first got to bed.

    i think this is common for smaller dogs.

    1. loveoftech says:

      Meanwhile, my Yorkshire terrier hates being covered up by anything.

  5. Sean from Canada says:

    Our Pug starts off under the blanket (in “her cave”) but after an hour or so has to come out to breathe and cool off. After that she is good in the hammock she makes from the blanket across my knees…

    Growing up, all of our dogs had SilentButDeadly farts. Pugs are the first breed I have personal experience with that fart audibly. (Both the Pug my wife had when I met her, and the one we have now.)

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