#395 – Sawed

A few weeks ago my next door neighbor had a tree cut down. There was no warning that this was going to happen. I heard a chainsaw and looked out the window to see a dude just going at it. He was dressed like someone out to pick up something from the grocery store. I had a moment of panic where I started to wonder if my neighbor hired this guy or if it was some sort of weird chainsaw vandal roaming the streets.

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7 thoughts on “#395 – Sawed”

  1. Miles says:

    I now want to be a weird chainsaw Vandal. Thank you Chris, you observation has given me purpose… until I get my 3DS back from Nintendo from having been repaired.


  2. Pyro says:

    lol. Now the real trouble starts when you neighbour hires someone to take down a tree that’s on your property. Had some friends go through that one recently, it’s a freaking mess.

  3. mcnamara12 says:

    My in-laws got in trouble with their HOA for cutting down a tree on their own property without getting permission first. Mind you, this tree was dying and in danger of falling and damaging their house.

  4. jared says:

    @Pyro: what state are they in? in many places, actions like that are awarded triple damages. in MA, for example, the neighbors who did the cutting could be held liable for 3x the REPALCEMENT cost of those trees – and if they were particularly old and/or large, replacement costs can be many thousands of dollars per tree.

    your friend may ‘have the bull by the horns’ as they say – if they want those trees back, they’d be doing their neighbors a HUGE FAVOR by only demanding the trees be replaced.

  5. spidercow says:

    this reminds me of those old road-runner cartoons.

    1. kingklash says:

      Made me think of Pink Panther.

  6. Braneloc says:

    We have those chainsaw vandals hired by the local council, who seem to believe that cutting down trees makes trees better. I much prefer the area with trees than without.

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