#389 – Choke

I have a weird aversion to all of the current sugar alternatives. They taste horrible to me but not instantly. I will be on my 3rd bite or second sip when it hits me. Usually I’ll have to go brush my teeth to reset my taste buds.

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7 thoughts on “#389 – Choke”

  1. pbarnrob says:

    Google Aspartame sometime. Originally a pesticide, it was finally extruded through the FDA by Donald Rumsfeld (the same Rummy who sold Saddam H. his poison gas), over the objections of FDA scientists who resigned in disgust afterward. The body breaks it down into (among other things) methanol, which poisoning can mimic MS and lupus. Stay with (just a little) sugar, or try Stevia.

    1. mjm202036 says:

      Check the facts before posting innuendo, pbarnrob. I googled it, just as you suggested, and found several sites that go strictly against what you are stating about aspartame. Yes, your body does break it down into its separate components, including a very small amount of methanol; but it appears it’s less than what most foods and liquids you ingest create when they are broken down.

  2. Library Lady says:

    I thought I was the only person that hated the aftertaste of fake sugars. All my friends and co-workers LOVE diet-everything! Won’t drink anything else. Some of the younger co-workers are just discovering Fresca. They go on and on about how great it is. Good Lord that stuff is awful! I cringe at the memory!

    1. jared says:

      fresca! oh man i loved that as a kid! it has fake sugar in it? darn.

      i haven’t had any soda/pop in years now, and during that time i’ve learned to pretty much boycott everything artificial: seems to me that real butter is healthier than margarine, real sugar is healthier than fake, real fat is healthier than synthetic-crap-that-fools-our-taste-buds…

  3. kingklash says:

    I’m diabetic, and will use most sweeteners but saccharine. Not because of any cancer risk, although that’s a consideration, but because my Hopi aunt had used only that back in the 70’s and whenever we visited, that’s all you could taste in iced tea, Kool-Aid, desserts, whatever could have used sugar. blorgh!

  4. Pyro says:

    yeah, I can’t stand diet stuff either. Of course, I was one of those kids who, while making cookies, would eat the margarine and sugar. Always had to add extra to account for what I would eat. Oddly enough I stayed thin.

  5. sheherazahde says:

    None of them really taste like sugar. The best of the lot right now is Splenda. The least scary is Stevia. I agree with Jared just eat real food in moderation.

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