#381 – Chomp

“Oh look they sell them as a six-pack. That’s even more economical! Hey, buy 2 6-packs get 1 free! That’s enough candy to last me through a full day!”

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10 thoughts on “#381 – Chomp”

  1. Duncan says:

    At my local store, they sell bags of chips with the label “Buy 2 for only $5” when each bag is $2.50. It fools me into thinking it’s the deal of the century.

    1. Juil says:

      It’s kind of sad but McDonalds does this too.

      1. Octothorpe says:

        When I see that, I just stared distastefully at it, wondering who would be dumb enough to think it was a good deal…

  2. Myk says:

    I discovered this dilemma at a vending machine while wandering hospital halls a couple weeks ago. “Hey, they have my preferred candy bar! Let’s see… Mini, regular, king size, or two pack?” I eventually started figuring it in price per pound.

  3. ZeoViolet says:

    This works great in theory. As this fellow finds out, ONLY in theory.

  4. Baughbe says:

    Yeah, I tried to do that with a candy bar at work today. “Eat half now, have the rest after lunch…” 2 minutes.

  5. pbarnrob says:

    Or a package of cookies; after all, it’s only ONE package, just a couple of pounds…
    Would the box of the little two-packs fare as well? Ummm, maybe!

  6. Sean says:

    I am entertained when the Doritos are 2 for $5, but individual bags are $2.49. There’s a sneaky pricing! I just take them through as tn one-bag orders…

  7. kingklash says:

    Laura Scudder’s potato chips were my first lesson in this. back in the family’s Bay Area days, we used to buy the big bag of chips that had two smaller bags inside. My oldest sister (who never outgrew her spoilsport streak) explained that the big bag was nearly the same price as two regular bags

  8. rich says:

    you want more, go to sam’s club or costco. another thought; just thinking about “supersize me” where he talks about how cup sizes have evolved

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