#370 – Histamine

My wife got used to the fact that we could never have a cat years ago because of my allergies. Now she gets to relive the disappointment all over again through our child.

“Mommy we should get a cat for our house!”

“Yes I would really like that but daddy’s head would explode and then who would mow the lawn?”

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8 thoughts on “#370 – Histamine”

  1. Juil says:

    You could, of course, take the latex off the catwoman. She might get cold, but a blanket and a warm bed should do the trick.

  2. “Sweetie, we could get a hairless, wrinkled hypoallergenic cat!”

    “Mommy, I think I’d like to sleep with the light *on* tonight…”

    1. Raiser says:

      …I’d probably be a bad father, because “Oh, by the way, dear, ever hear that old legend that cats steal the souls of infants and small children in their sleep?” was the first thing to pop into my head. (Spoken as if mentioned offhandedly while idly thumbing through a newspaper, of course.)

      After all, the important thing about being a parent is making lasting memories for your children.

      1. kingklash says:

        Find the story, “Grandfather Tells The Cat Story” and you might just change your mind.

      2. Library Lady says:

        My mother really hates cats and told me the one about cats sucking on a baby’s milk breath. She’s not crazy about dogs either, but the apartment manager didn’t allow dogs so she was covered.

  3. das-g says:

    I’m pretty sure catwomen are available in latex-free leather and/or rubber gear, too.

    I wouldn’t advise to adopt the catwoman pictured here, though. If she can be lifted just like that, she’s most probably anorexic and won’t make it through next winter without special care, which is best provided by animalpeople shelters. Meanwhile, plenty of healthy catwomen at these shelters for which normal proper care as you and I can provide fully suffices (Let the shelter personnel instruct you, if it’s your first catwoman.) are looking for a new home.

  4. I’m not allergic! I’ll take her. 🙂

  5. jim says:

    – – – “…but daddy’s head would explode and then who would mow the lawn?”

    Surely she’s already found a neighborhood pool boy who might be willing to mow the lawn!

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