#334 – Trick

A similar thing happens to me all the time at parties. “Oh, you’re a cartoonist? Here, draw something funny on this pizza box.” (draw, draw, draw) “Haha! You really are a cartoonist!” And then they set me on fire.

Also, new shirt!

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4 thoughts on “#334 – Trick”

  1. kingklash says:

    The three of clubs is the go-to card for Penn & Teller when they do their stuff on TV. It’s easy to spot from a distance, ideal for doing card tricks on camera. I have a recording of their do-it-yourself trick they did on SNL once where you do forcing a card on your victim, then “flub” the trick. After that you turn on the TV, then secretly turn on your VCR. Penn comes on dressed up like a televangelist. During his sermon, he says, “And the Lord Speaketh, saying……., Is this your card?” and holds it up.

  2. J-L says:

    Great comic today!

    I perform magic as a hobby, and sometimes I have a small, irrational fear that this will happen to me. Ironically, there’s a Catholic priest I know who laughs with glee whenever I show him a magic trick.

  3. Librar Lady says:

    This reminds me of an episode of Firefly.
    I thouhgt it was burning witches and lawyers not magicans. The things you learn.

  4. Freezie43110 says:

    I can instantly pull an ace out of any standard deck, without fail. I think a subconscious part of my mind runs some advanced probability checks, then I just feel consciously compelled to grab at a certain spot in the deck.

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