#318 – Bumbling

Bees were such a terrifying menace when I was a kid. It seems like I had some sort of encounter with them daily over the summer. Now that I’m a pasty white ghostly shut-in of a cartoonist they are rarely an issue.

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7 thoughts on “#318 – Bumbling”

  1. Logan says:

    How many is too many, really?

    1. Wizard says:

      In my mouth? I’m thinking one is too many.

  2. Rick2Tails says:

    paging Nicolas Cage …

  3. kingklash says:

    A typical case of Bumble-mouth.

  4. Radical Edward says:

    All this reminds me of is a Simpsons episode. It involved Homer asking what animal would be released and his thoughts involved dogs, bees and dogs with bees in their mouth so when barking, they release bees.

  5. Istas says:

    My two biggest memories of stinging insects are:

    Being the only kid in my lunch room who was unafraid of going up to bees in said lunchroom and smacking them dead with my hand, and being stung thrice by yellowjackets and running away cursing after getting too close to one of their underground nests with the lawnmower, years later.

    Come to think of it, maybe those incidents are related…

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