#290 – Flaked

Where I currently live in the Chicago suburbs we just had our first real snowfall of the season. I loved the snow as a kid and this winter would have driven me crazy. I would feel like I was robbed of weeks of potential sledding at this point. That poor orange plastic sled would have been locked up in the shed this whole time getting more brittle each day.

Today’s Biff knows the code.

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11 thoughts on “#290 – Flaked”

  1. Cyndaquazy says:

    Those mobsters were…
    ICE cold.

    1. Roborat says:

      You forgot to pause dramatically. . . and put on your sunglasses.

  2. nextStage says:

    If this is how snow is made, I don’t want to imagine the horrors of rain. :S

    SN: As a Chicagoan, after last year’s “Snowpocalypse”, I am not complaining about this winter.

    1. extremist343 says:

      Lucky you then that you don’t have to imagine! because I’m here to tell you rain is just snow that melts on the way down!

  3. Maskman says:

    I’ll never look at snow the same way again…

  4. Iforwhat says:

    This reminds me of buni

  5. Library Lady says:

    As a former Chicagoian I consider snow the main reason I left. The other reasons were sub-zero temperatures and wind chill factor. Just hearing the wind chill would make me want to stay inside and never get out my nice warm bed.

    1. MikeReese says:

      I’m only staying in Chi because of work, family and friends. I was going to move to someplace like Arizona or New Mexico many moons ago, but a friend talked me out of it..do I need to say I let him have it every winter?

  6. kingklash says:

    I figured they were either clouds, popcorn, or those dudes from that Hertzfeldt cartoon.

  7. I was really digging 40+ degrees for this winter. Reality has finally caught up to us. Wind chill is nasty! :s

  8. steve says:

    see now whenever i hear it snow someplace all i will think about is this… thanks chris!

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