#283 – Speak

What is the worst part about job interviews? Sitting in the waiting room I try to psyche myself up. I think about questions I will be asked and practice how I will answer them. I forget all of this during the actual interview. I stumble through simple facts making it sound like I’m making them up. Then on the trip back home I replay it all and think of all the things I should have said. But I’m sure it’s just me and it’s a breeze for everyone else.

Today’s Biff is waiting.

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10 thoughts on “#283 – Speak”

  1. Kitkun says:

    I once messed up my own name at an interview. I didn’t get the job.

  2. pbarnrob says:

    Once (about 1993), JPL’s HR had resume workshops and exercises for interviewing; practice helps. Later, the _new_ HR people adopted ‘Best Business Practice’ and retired that lady. I sure missed her.

  3. Seamonkey79 says:

    Having just gone through a series of interviews to finally land my job in October, I can promise you that, NO, it is not just you.

  4. DoverianDragoon says:

    Oh, no. It’s not just you. I do that every single time.

  5. My most frustrating was when I was interviewing for a sales job. During the “chat at the beginning part” I was asked a question that I did not realize AT THE TIME was a test of my sales skill.

    I was in interview mode, not sales mode, so I answered honestly and not with a good product suggestion and sell.

    I didn’t get the job, and only realized what he’d done afterwards when I realized he hadn’t asked me ANYTHING about my sales experience/technique/record.

  6. Mophtran says:

    When I went into my first interview for my current job, I was bordering on anxiety attack. I was talking too much, kept putting my hands together in my lap, sweating, etc. Then the guy doing the interview asked if I was nervous. I responded that yes, and this was the first interview I’d had in three years. He told me to let the next person know that early on. Then he said he saw a lot of potential in me and bumped one interview out of the way and the next one was with the GM.

    The next interview I was asked to sell a ballpoint pen to the manager. I started out by asking a question and was pretty much guaranteed the job right there. Still had to get through the rest of the interview, but I was a lot less stressed out through it.

    1. Chris says:

      What was the question you asked that got you the job?

      1. kingklash says:

        Wanna see me make this pen disappear?


  7. I thought it was just me! Whenever I go for an interview, I fear I’m going to end up like the episode of “Cheers” where Norm interviews for job at the brewery and ends up singing the “with a nick-knack patty-whack” song.

  8. Baughbe says:

    If it is a job I know what I’m doing, I blow the interview. If it is a job with skills I don’t have and have never done before, I get the job.

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