#234 – Fresh

I do love fresh baked chocolate chip cookies. The chips are teetering on the edge of being a solid or a liquid. I can feel the warmth of that first bite oozing down my throat. Or I didn’t wait long enough and I burn the entire sweet sensing portion of my tongue and I can’t enjoy anything until 3 days from now when all the cookies are gone.

Today’s Biff joins the fight.

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7 thoughts on “#234 – Fresh”

  1. MaskedMan says:

    Fear the heated deliciousness of cookies straight from the oven! The little pockets of chocolate magma burn so wonderfully!

  2. Baughbe says:

    Mom always baked chocolate chip cookies for Christmas. At least 4 batches (each batch would fill about 4 large cookie sheets). The first batch and a half never lasted long enough to cool down. After that me and my brothers would be too full to eat any more, so mom got to make the rest in peace. She never had to cook dinner that night…

  3. kingklash says:

    And that’s why one should always have cold milk handy.

    1. Cyndaquazy says:

      But the milk will make them even MORE tasty, thus magnifying their power!

  4. Rick2Tails says:

    guh! now I want fresh baked cookies!!!

  5. Morzikei says:

    When your teeth are messed up, that’s just how it feels to bite into a nice hot cookie.

  6. reynard61 says:

    They’re Head-‘splodingly delicious!

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