#233 – Picky

“Would you like some orange juice?”

“Sure, that would be great.”

“Here you go.”

“Hmm, you said orange juice but this is just some sort of orange colored liquid.”

“Oh, would you like some purple juice instead?”

Today’s Biff has your order.

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11 thoughts on “#233 – Picky”

  1. mynameis832 says:

    didn’t we JUST establish that nobody likes beer?

  2. ToddC says:

    You take that hammer and grapes!

  3. Rick2Tails says:

    well to be fair, some juice is barely juice.HI-C and the like is sometimes 10% juice.The rest is sugar and water.Its certainly not the same taste or health benefits of real juice.

  4. alex says:

    i do believe we just witnessed the first themed week in maximumble. Drink week?

    1. PsychoDuck says:

      The comic, it’s evolving!

      1. extremist343 says:

        Shhhhh ….. don’t tell the creationists, they’ll freak out!

  5. Domestigoth says:

    I actually have a relative who’s like this — fortunately he’s not a CLOSE relative, so I rarely have to deal with him. He arrives, sits down, you offer him a drink.

    “Oh, no — just some water, please”

    So you go to the tap, pour a glass of water.

    “Oh, you don’t have bottled?”

    No. No I don’t have bottled. The tap water here is perfectly safe to drink.

    “Oh. Well, then, could you put a little ice in it?”

    Sure, fine. Dump a few ice cubes in it.

    “I hate to be a pain, but do you have a lime wedge or something?”

    Yeah, fine. Have a damn lime.

    “Oh, have I upset you? I just wanted a glass of water, I didn’t mean it to be so complicated, but you should really have bottled for when company comes over.”

    Yeah. This is my fault, for not buying stuff I can’t afford and don’t need. Right. You’re not the one being difficult here.

    He’s like this about everything. A simple glass of water becomes a whole friggin’ production. A pot of tea? Just as difficult. And don’t even try to feed the man an entire meal — you’ll never be able to get it right.

    1. Wigsternm says:

      Ouch. I have a second uncle (Is that what you’d call a mother’s cousin?) that’s just like that. It’s gotten so bad that last year we told him the wrong time for Thanksgiving dinner.
      “Oh? We’ve already eaten, we changed the time so Becky could make it. Didn’t you get the email?”

      1. extremist343 says:

        Ouch. I have a second uncle (Is that what you’d call a mother’s cousin?)
        No, that’s called a second cousin not a second uncle.

    2. Rick2Tails says:

      it all depends on where you live though.some tap water like in arizona is damn nasty.hard and with strong tastes. A lot of bottled water is sold in the usa .

  6. Enya W says:

    I heard of a study once in which some highbrows came into a gourmet restaurant and were given a list of fine, expensive, brand name bottled water to choose from and they all got some and discussed the various virtues and subtleties… and at the end of the test, it was revealed that every single glass came from the same tap.

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