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I grew up in a house with 6 people and one bathroom. This seems to freak people out when I tell them. Most of my friends have between 2 and 27 bathrooms per floor. Living in a house with one just meant that once or twice a year I had to run out into the backyard if the timing was off.

Today’s Biff is a direct hit.

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8 thoughts on “#217 – Full”

  1. Rick2Tails says:

    ewwww! reminds me of the Steve Martin character at the dinner table asking asking if its ok to go to the bathroom and without getting up goes “ahhh. thank you”

    1. Address says:

      Oh, he got up alright…

    2. Cari says:

      “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels”

  2. Baughbe says:

    If those weren’t goldfish before, they are now…

    1. Craash420 says:

      Bgdaaa! I didn’t notice that part until I read your post. Thanks, I guess…

    2. extremist343 says:

      Yeah, I was looking for something that indicated what the joke was exactly, I didn’t see it until after I read your comment.

  3. Library Lady says:

    My mother’s family lived in a house (cira 1949) with 1 bathroom, 2 adults, 7 boys and 1 girl. And times the 1 of the 2 older boys would come by and stay the night. Using that bathroom required SERIOUS logicistcal timing. By the time I was 6 there was still only 1 bathroom, 2 adults, 5 boys, 1 little girl and 3 of the other boys would stay off and on when they were in town.
    Now, there are 2 bathrooms and only 2 of the brothers living there.

  4. Chuck says:

    We had 5 people with one bathroom, but most of us were girls so we could share (as in someone could pee while someone was in the shower). The only one who was assed out was my stepdad.

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