#1777 – Amazing

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3 thoughts on “#1777 – Amazing”

  1. Manabi says:

    Just goes to show that most people didn’t really like having to wait a week to find out what happened next, even though it was the norm.

    1. il biggo says:

      I can almost wait the time needed for a quick leak between episodes. Watching simulcasts is a torture O_O

  2. Kapten-N says:

    I prefer it when only one episode is released per week. I mean, the occasional double episode is great and all, but when an entire series is released at once it forces you to binge them immediately if you don’t want to be spoiled and if you want to have relevant discussions with people. Weekly episodes let you have relevant discussions about the latest episode for an entire week and you don’t have to mess up your sleep schedule by binging several hours of content.
    It’s also easier for the brain to remember the events of the series long after watching it when it has been fed the story in piecemeal.

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