1289 – Looking

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8 thoughts on “1289 – Looking”

  1. Natemare says:

    Ummm, if there’s some sort of hidden joke here ya lost me. Still cute though.

  2. rhiakath says:

    yeah, i got lost too. maybe that rhyme is from somewhere?

  3. Dana W says:

    Maybe you need to be old, I knew it……..

  4. caffiend says:

    Feeling Old now T_T
    Knew that one back in elementary school…

    1. his boogness says:

      As did I, but other people saying they don’t get it doesn’t make me feel old. Really I’m just surprised that the schools were somehow able to get kids to stop passing that rhyme on year to year.

      1. Demolition Fan says:

        I just learned it. So it maybe regional as well. Ill be teaching it to my son when he gets off the bus today.

  5. strawdog says:

    really? i know im old but theres that song goes ‘my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard’ what do you think that meant?

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