#1281 – Box

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7 thoughts on “#1281 – Box”

  1. Rafi says:

    Guess he should drop them.

  2. Natemare says:

    Had to read the tag to get this. Hearing is a delicate thing!

  3. Phaolan says:

    Ah… So that’s why he got all that buzz. I just wish I could tell good buzz from, you know, the other kind?

  4. his boogness says:

    Little did she know, the bees were the real DJs all along.

  5. Larkle says:

    Sick bees = sick beats?

    1. Airyu says:

      I was thinking sick bee box = sick beatboxing

    2. Phaolan says:

      It works on SO MANY levels! See, that’s why Chris is a beloved national treasure… Of whatever nation he calls home, I guess.

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