#1274 – Technology

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6 thoughts on “#1274 – Technology”

  1. Miles says:

    I have a phone that Aquaman could actually use, though I don’t think it is rated for as deep as he can go.
    Also, it’s not of the “smart” variety, but most definitely gets the job done, what with my having to charge it once a month.

  2. soilent says:

    I have two solutions for fishman,
    1) ip 69k rating.
    2) vacuumized drycase.

  3. shags says:

    “Wonder Woman is out of your league, Aquaman.
    Haha, ‘League’, get it?
    But seriously, you don’t have a chance. She’s the warrior princess of the Amazonians and you, well, you talk to fish.”

  4. Phaolan says:

    Can I get that Batmug, please? Size 4. I’ll supply my own coffee… No one will know that I didn’t steal it from the true #1 Bat. Thank you.

  5. his boogness says:

    Tech support for a co-worker sucks, but at least Batman doesn’t have to be tech support for his parents too.

    1. Phaolan says:

      Dude! Too soon… Show some respect.

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