#1228 – Painful

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5 thoughts on “#1228 – Painful”

  1. NQ says:

    I still see something pervy there.

  2. his boogness says:

    Never mind wrist pain, I had a friend once who used air quotes so much he went blind

  3. geoffm says:

    I actually broke my wrists a few times, and I had to wear plasters for a several weeks. People would make lame masturbation jokes all the time, I was so sick of it.

  4. soilent says:

    Either I’ve got it off some dopehead sleeping on his couch or from a co-worker, but I got scabbies on the hands and it left calluses.
    The other co-workers frequently make masturbatory jokes….

    Yeah, I fap with the back of my hands. Idiots.

    1. Natemare says:

      Ironically, there are massage clinics in India that do that sort of thing… But yes, they are idiots.

      I know this information for reasons, no need to question it.

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