#1176 – Mortal

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4 thoughts on “#1176 – Mortal”

  1. Larkle says:

    Love this comic. Except now I’m thinking about my own mortality again and need to watch cat videos.

  2. soilent says:

    You have to get over the whole thing of your life ending.
    15 Years of video games help, but may cause other issues.

  3. GeneralDisorder says:

    I for one find mortality somewhat comforting. Don’t get me wrong. I’m terrified of dying but just imagine if you didn’t die. All the technology of today that won’t make sense in the decades to come. All the cultural slang and culture in general. It wasn’t all that long ago that blatant racism and classism was the norm. Imagine what our older members of society are thinking with all this change that’s taken place in recent decades. Sure, some are one board. Some are against it. Mostly we younger folks don’t care and are pushing for change.

    Imagine what it would be to live more than 100 years. Things you hold dear now would be defunct in 20 years and nonexistent in 40 years.

    Yeah sure, old stuff is preserved in the annals of history thanks to internet but just imagine all the stuff that doesn’t make it to the web. It’s all lost. Your childhood lost. Your teens, your twenties exist only in your own minds at this point (I’m 31 so if you’re in the same decade as me you’re pretty much in the same boat).

    If you lived for 1000 years everyone you know would die off and your memories and mannerisms would pretty much ostracize you from modern humans.

  4. Nitin says:

    Holy crabapples, that thing moved!!!

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