#1166 – Smile

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6 thoughts on “#1166 – Smile”

  1. Django says:

    And then we can make s’mores!

  2. John says:

    Jeez, I had to set myself on fire to get the last guy to smile. This motivational coach job is a lot harder than I expected it to be.

  3. Switchlord says:

    …yes thank you, that is MUCH better…

  4. Megz says:

    There have been times when people have told me this and all I wanted to do was say “Nah, I’d prefer to do this now that you’ve decided you can tell me how to feel” then frown way more while giving them two middle fingers.

  5. Carcharocles says:

    What’s wrong with a good mope every once in a while?

  6. strawdog says:

    I’M SORRY, my name is NOT “THE JOKER” and my face in
    it’s normal repose dose not look like a HYENA ON ACID!
    (although i kinda wish it did)

    and my reply to “smile it might never happen” is ” you talked, it just did”

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