#1150 – Name

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10 thoughts on “#1150 – Name”

  1. soilent says:

    Thats… genius.

  2. shags says:

    And you have to pick a name with 6 to 14 characters.

  3. his boogness says:

    I lied when answering my banking security questions.

    Ssh!! Nobody tell them.

  4. PsychoDuck says:

    Phonetically pronounced “Flat Fee”

  5. Azkyroth says:

    The thing that always really struck me about those security questions is that basically all of them are information a pissed-off ex would be likely to have. O.o

    1. Ruethus says:

      Not to mention the answers to most default “security” questions are easily obtainable by anyone with access to Google and your name. I still chuckle when I see government and university websites using this system, which really only serves to punish forgetful users and amuse hackers. Especially the university websites. I’m paying a mountain of money for you to have such a lazy cybersecurity system?!
      Bonus points if said system doesn’t let you write your own questions.

  6. Sven says:

    Ah yes, two-factor authentication. It’s supposed to be something you know, and something you have (e.g. password and your phone).

    For some reason, many websites think “something you know, and something else you know” counts, when it really, really doesn’t, especially when it’s “something most people who know you would also know” as Azkyroth pointed out.

    1. Peter Wolff says:

      *gasp* So two-factor authentication doesn’t mean two different ways you can choose either of?! Like a logical or?

  7. fourthirteen says:

    I named my first pet after the first street I lived on, which was also my mother’s maiden name. That’s totally safe, right? It’s a 4-letter name, so I can use it as my bank PIN too.

    1. Chris says:

      Sounds pretty safe.

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