#1134 – Correct

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7 thoughts on “#1134 – Correct”

  1. Varamo says:

    “There was a spider. A nasty, nasty one.”

  2. Rhiakath says:

    ( splitting hairs here ) Would browser autocorrections also work in the messaging text box?

    1. Raj-a-Kiit says:

      From my experience, yes they would.

  3. Azkyroth says:

    …pop culture is so weird about AutoCorrect that before I got a smartphone I felt the need to do a Google search to confirm that it was, in fact, possible to disable it.

  4. Larkle says:

    Yeah, that was really his only option.

  5. his boogness says:

    I think the obvious takeaway is that he just doesn’t call Brian enough.

  6. ThisGuy says:

    Wow, not even multiple spelling choices

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