#112 – Lead

I wonder if office workers that quit smoking miss the excuse to constantly get away from their desk. Do they invent new activities? Get a new pen out of the supply room every hour? Walk across the building to make some photo copies then a half hour later walk back to shred them? Go put a bunch of money in the vending machine, pretend to decide on a selection and then just hit the refund button?

Today’s Biff is shaken, not stirred.

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12 thoughts on “#112 – Lead”

  1. Shadowlord9k says:

    If they have no necks then how do collars work?

    1. Mikoangelo says:

      So you’ve noticed they have no joining limbs, and your objection is that /collars/ couldn’t work?

    2. Cyndaquazy says:

      Um… they just do?

  2. LadySage says:

    ankles or wrists.

    1. Chris says:

      Noses, ears.

  3. Baughbe says:

    Actually, as a quitter myself, you find other things to do; office politics, bear baiting and lots and lots of solitaire.

  4. Rick2Tails says:

    man it must be nice to have a job where you take al sorts of breaks.stupid retail makes you actually work your whole shift.

    1. Cari says:

      So does having a job where you could have taken lots of breaks if you didn’t sit right outside the boss’s office.

    2. Mahnarch says:

      Or, driving a big rig, you can SEE the restaurant you want to go to, but you have to drive by because the parking lot designers hate big trucks. >:-(

  5. Raj-a-Kiit says:

    When I quit smoking, I was General Utility (read “Dishwasher”) at a major family chain restaurant… as a smoker, I would take advantage of the hourly take-out-the-garbage-while-you-change-the-water-in-the-dishwasher routine to go out and have a smoke… the day that I quit, I was searching for things to do in that time… those counters had never been so clean!

  6. Calliopejane says:

    Hell YES! I miss having a reason to go outside and get some sun. And there are people I used to talk to all the time that I never see now. I so miss smoking… 🙁

  7. biggo says:

    I would just pretend I didn’t quit 😀

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