#1110 – Saved

“There are just some chores I like to keep to myself. Alfred has plenty to do and I like to feel needed.”

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7 thoughts on “#1110 – Saved”

  1. Reavenk says:

    Alfred needs to check up on these day-to-day things and earn his keep.

  2. GDA says:

    He could NEVER go back using the bat time machine and save his parents, because then he would never be Batman and the bat time machine would never be invented, and then his parents would die and he would become Batman and invent the bat time machine and save his parents and then his parents would never die and he would never be..

    1. Dipper McSkypotter says:

      That’s when the universe steps in to prevent this paradox (by putting Bruce in the wrong house, for example–or maybe even letting him save his parents, but taking another married couple in exchange, so that some other kid grows up to be Batman and invent the Bat Time Machine and … until it cycles back to Bruce Wayne, and then the previously mentioned wrong-house thing happens). (Honestly, I’m pretty much just babbling at this point.)

    2. soilent says:

      doubt it works like that, I believe in the multi-verse theory, the moment he comes back into the past and prevent them from shooting his parents, it creates an alternate timeline Bruce is not able to perceive until he stays in it; upon return into his present time, he’d still have no parents waiting for him.

      1. Tes says:

        I also believe in the multi-verse theory, but I believe that once he travels back and changes things, then tries to go back to his present he will be in a third alternate universe and he wouldn’t be able to go to his original universe. In this third universe there would be two Bruce Wayne’s, but the one originally from that third universe will have never become Batman because his parents never died, so the one from the other universe would still be the only Batman but he wouldn’t be part of his family.

        1. Dipper McSkypotter says:

          Who ever thought that such an in-depth debate about time travel would be brought up by a comic involving Batman watering his flowers?

      2. his boogness says:

        I too believe in the multi-verse theory, except that I don’t believe in humans having the ability to *create* universes. Therefore all alternative timelines must already exist, and by sheer coincidence Bruce landed in exactly the universe he intended to “change”.

        What a lucky guy!

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