#102 – Spray

Usually the worst part about theme park food is the cost. If you didn’t bring food with you it’s really a hassle to have to cut your day short and leave when you get hungry. That’s why you agree to pay 500% more than you normally would.

“Hey wait, this giant pickle is only a dollar! Is there enough energy packed into a pickle to sustain me for another 4 hours?”

Today’s Biff is relaxed.

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12 thoughts on “#102 – Spray”

  1. hayabusa says:

    i feel back for the riders in the back

  2. LibraryLady says:

    The last time I was on a rollercoaster I was 24, the Wild Mouse, I was sure I was going to lose not only my lunch but my mind. Everything jerked and jumped and bumped. I kept the food down but not my temper. The boyfriend that forced me on the ride was upset I didn’t enjoy it, we didn’t last much longer.
    All I remember about the food was fries with vinegar, not bad.

  3. mysteryman203 says:

    try going on a ride that goes in a loop over & over & over after eating a chili dog plus the loop goes upside down it was wicked

  4. Wizard says:

    Sounds great to me, but then I’m blessed with an iron stomach.

    I actually got possibly the best pizza I ever had at an amusement park. This was a pleasant surprise, since I’d been expecting cardboard with tomato sauce.

  5. Slogra says:

    You ever play Rollercoaster Tycoon? Just hire more handymen. Or drown the ones that puke too much.

  6. ZeoViolet says:

    Fortunately I’ve been able to ride anything without ever getting sick from it…heck the faster and scarier, the better.

    My burning-rubber-happy brother, on the other hand, while cheerily speeding along highways, can’t stand hardly any rides beyond the Underground.

    1. Library Lady says:

      I’m with your brother! Made it from Atlanta to DC in 7.5 hours once. Average speed was about 90 in an ’84 RX7.
      Played tag with other cars for a while and topped 100 often. It was fun!

  7. Domestigoth says:

    The amusement park closest to where I live actually bans you from brining in outside food & drink, to force you to pay for the hyper-inflated park food. The only thing you’re allowed to bring in is water.

    But if you tell them you’ve got severe allergies they’ll let you bring in your own food, so I always pack a backpack full of snacks anyways. They don’t want to risk having you pitch a fit and possibly sue them, so they won’t confiscate it if you claim medical reasons, even if you don’t have documentation.

    1. Acies says:

      oohhh.. interesting idea =D

      The park around my place is the same. So we would pack a lunch and keep it in a cooler in the car. At lunch time we just go out to our car, eat, then come back. Most parks have “re-entry stamps” anyway~ If they’re not for you to go to your car and eat, what are they for? =3

  8. Niha says:

    Good advice, Domestigoth.

  9. SurveySays says:

    There’s a ride that i know of called the Tornado. in a park full of new shiny rollercoasters, this one looks lke its going to collapse at any given moment. the whole ride is so jarring i don’t really feel like im going to loose my lunch so much as the use of my legs from my spine being broken.

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