#91 – Duplicitous

The moon was always the more interesting of the two main objects we had crossing our skies. Maybe because it was just easier to look at for more than a split second. We have stories of the cheese content, dreams of walking on it and the illusion that it followed you around. I remember the first thing that really surprised me about the moon was when I noticed it could be seen in the daytime. Somehow all the adults failed to mention this to me and I thought I discovered a new secret!

Today’s Biff is Savage.

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7 thoughts on “#91 – Duplicitous”

  1. Tekaramity says:

    “Duplicitous!” “Sans monocle!”

    Yeah, that’s a reference only, like, *two* people will get. Still came to mind immediately though.

    1. project tyrasa says:

      hahahaha good show olde been good show

  2. mysteryman203 says:

    the sun and the moon are b friend and g friend but the moon feels like the sun is not hot enough for him so he hit it hard with cool earth

    1. Slogra says:

      I always found celestrial objects to be undesirable. The Sun’s surface is too hot for my taste and the Earth’s is too crusty. And Jupiter? Gassy. Bleh.

  3. frigdal says:

    Imagine what the sun says during an eclipse!!!

    excellent comic, keep going 😉

  4. Enya W says:

    That two-faced satellite. I guess he has a dark side the Sun never sees.

  5. Jeff says:

    I remember when I was little, asking the teacher why the moon was out during the day. He glared down at me and told me I was dumb, that the moon is never out during the day and that I should not stare at the sun since that must be what I saw.

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