#976 – Creature

“Hmm… something’s missing.”
“Red lipstick?”
“That’s it!”

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7 thoughts on “#976 – Creature”

  1. natemare says:

    Don’t forget big boobs and a curvy waist line!

  2. Well, I actually find this way less disturbing than all those game ads that show up everywhere with these unrealistic, curvy female “humans”! Also, I love it when a critter/monster is wearing a bow on top of its bald head, it’s just so funny…

  3. Darchangel says:

    Better than the usual approach, where the male is monstrous, but the female looks pretty much like a curvy human with differently-colored skin and a few “design cues.”

  4. qka says:

    I think I dated her once when I was younger.

    1. strawdog says:

      That was you? she was the love of my life and you stole her only to dump her, she never recovered from that and entered a nunnery her name was dfgrugyvtohf i whisper it every night as i fall asleep even now @_@

  5. Diva says:

    I have an RSS feed, and reading the flavortext before I’ve seen the comic is always fun and interesting. XD

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