#945 – Spicy

“Osmosis is better than drinking it.”

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6 thoughts on “#945 – Spicy”

  1. natemare says:

    ..meh, might be worth it :/

  2. Rethwyn says:

    That’s like when I bought coloring books the other day and the cashier said “you must have kids.” Me: “….Great family activity!” No. I don’t have kids. My mom and I were going to color on vacation. I’m 29.

    1. kingklash says:

      Nothing wrong with that. I ought to go find some old coloring books, scan any uncolored pages, and print out some occasionally to pass the time.

      1. qka says:

        Actually there are a lot of coloring pages available free on the Internet, for all sorts of topics and themes. Search and ye shall find.

        1. kingklash says:

          But there are a few old ones I remember that i’d like to have again. Like a Batman one that was almost like a regular comic book, just one page, one panel. It was about the Joker secretly hypnotizing people into making his fast-food chain popular with sonic transmitters disguised as modern art displayed in each location. Crazy stuff, cool coloring book.

    2. tirsden says:

      That’s awesome. I’m 37 and late last year, I got a My Little Pony coloring book on a rare outing from physical therapy rehab where I was stuck for 47 days due to a torn calf muscle. Much of that time I had literally no form of entertainment beyond television, a few different colors in ballpoint pens, some borrowed colored pencils, paper, and styrofoam cups. I made a lot of styrofoam cup art. And that coloring book really helped kill the boredom until I was able to snag a PsOne with built-in screen from my house later.

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