#87 – Chicxulub

I have vary rarely worn sunglasses. I’ve worn prescription eyeglasses most of my life and so regular sunglasses were not an option. It blew my mind the first time I went into a dedicated sunglasses store and saw the prices. I was always so removed from that concept. I thought that the display of $10 sunglasses at the drug store was the limit.

Today’s Biff is a considerate host.

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10 thoughts on “#87 – Chicxulub”

  1. Tekaramity says:

    I am much too far in love with the hook-on shades I wear over my prescription eyeglasses. I have no idea why this is. I assume it’s a unique form of mind control.

    1. wigsternm says:

      Not mind control, instincts. Those are the only thing that can STOP the mind control.

  2. Grug says:

    You can buy sunglasses that are large enough to fit over regular classes. They work well and make you look like you have science goggles on.

    1. Batdan says:

      or that you are elderly.

  3. Kustin says:

    Oh, so THAT’S how the dinosaurs were put out of business…!

  4. Rick2Tails says:

    many types of prescription eye glasses have sunglasses that attach to them via magnets or clips.They also make glasses that get darker in the sun.
    Theres no way I could get around Arizona without sunglasses with the bright sun we have.
    Also I love your comic.I just found it not too long ago.Its often very funny!

    1. Chris says:


  5. Stranger says:

    A lot of Science gets put into them specs, apparently- but I’m convinced that some of the exorbitant prices on many of them pretty boil down to styling of them Lindsey Lohan-type feckers.

  6. LibraryLady says:

    Back in 1991 when Terminator 2 came out I fell in-love with Sarah Connors/Linda Hamilton’s sunglasses. I wanted a pair, even though I wear glasses I was willing to go back to contacts for those sunglasses. That is until I found out they were $350. That price cured me of wanting those sunglasses. 20 years later I now wear prescription sunglasses that cost as much, if not more, but only because I’m so much older and the bifocal prescription is so much more expensive and of course there’s inflation. Wonder what was $350 in 1991 cost now?

  7. Radical Edward says:

    I bought special sunglasses that fit over my regular glasses from Foster-Grant (?) that were only like $20 max. At the time, I just got my prescription glasses. Now, I don’t feel silly when outside on a sunny day.

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