#860 – Bossy

“Harold tried it before me but he put decaf in the mug. He burst into flames immediately.”

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10 thoughts on “#860 – Bossy”

  1. Fretzy says:

    “How did Kevin die?”

    “Poisoned coffee…”

    1. Coyoty says:

      “You washed that out, right?”

      1. jammit says:

        Nope. I built up a tolerance to the poison beforehand.

        1. A Fan says:

          Iocaine powder, the only poison to use when death is on the line. Even good vs sicilians.

      2. 26Rey11 says:

        Yes i did!… Or did I?

  2. kingklash says:

    “Is that what the angelic chorus was about?”

  3. Bob says:

    Funny, the store administrator where I work is Kevin.

  4. boog says:

    “Kevin’s not dead, he just went home early today.”

    “Pardon, but who’s holding the #1 Boss mug? That’s right: I am. And so I decide if Kevin is dead.”

  5. Enya W says:

    That one guy on the right is smiling. I think he might be getting ideas.

  6. Anon Ymous says:

    Harold chose… poorly.

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