#814 – Adult

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11 thoughts on “#814 – Adult”

  1. AlmightyRa says:

    Whoa! much too adult for my 17 year old eyes. sheesh, almost died

  2. Sarge_Buckwheat says:

    Think we forgot a NSFW tag there

  3. GDA says:

    My eyes! My eyes! Now I’ll NEVER unsee it! Oooohhhh it’s so horribleeeeee…

  4. boog says:

    Oh man… this comic is so hot…

  5. Sammy says:

    Ohhh scandalous!

  6. bbo says:

    It’s adult alright. #boring

  7. kingklash says:

    Director’s cut includes deleted Athlete’s Foot subplot.

  8. WitUnderPressure says:

    later on, y’know what I was thinkin’ we could do tonight…?

    balance the checkbook.

    1. AlmightyRa says:

      oooooh baby, how about i slip into something more comfortable?

      *slips into stress coma*

  9. humm... says:

    Interesting how the punch is on panel 1.

  10. Falos says:

    If you freeze frame at the right moment, you can see her insurance policy.

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