#799 – Special

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10 thoughts on “#799 – Special”

  1. kktkkr says:

    Spoiler: the pepperonis are pizzas too.

    1. Kintrex says:

      Spoiler: since every pepperoni is a pizza, there is in fact no pepperoni on there at all! It’s just a very crusty cheese.

  2. dwightk says:

    but what about the pepperonis on the little pizzas?

  3. Ryusui says:



  4. Xindaris says:

    I think I want the pepperoni-pepperoni-pizza-pizza-pizza-and-sausage-pizza pizza with extra pepperoni-pizza-pizza-pizza.

  5. Shadowlyger says:

    GENIUS. Fund it!

  6. Coyoty says:

    Pizza Hut has probably already done it overseas.

  7. kingklash says:

    So, if Little Ceasar’s made this, their advertising would go, “Pizza pizza-pizza pizza-pizza pizza…” and so on?

  8. witunderpressure says:

    anyone remember the ending for Men in Black 1?

    I kinda got that image in reverse looking at the pizza, where, as you zoom in, each pepperoni is another mini pizza with pepperonis which are actually mini pizzas with pepperonis which are mini…

  9. Kyle says:


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