#768 – Propose

“Will we be able to have children together?”

“Outlook does not look good.”

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4 thoughts on “#768 – Propose”

  1. Juniper says:

    It took me a second to realize this wasn’t another one of your sappy comics (which I do enjoy). I thought he was marrying a woman. I suppose when the characters of a comic are little more than (well drawn) stick figures it’s easy to confuse an eight ball on a column wearing a veil with a woman in a wedding dress.

  2. kingklash says:

    If it was a 20Q, the courtship would have been longer.

    1. Jay says:

      Ha! good ol’ 20Q

      “Does it weigh more than a pound of butter?”
      “Is it larger than a loaf of bread?”

  3. boog says:

    Years later:

    “Magic 8 Ball, have you been seeing other people behind my back?”
    *shake shake shake*
    “Better not tell you now”

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