#756 – Distressed

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6 thoughts on “#756 – Distressed”

  1. humulos says:

    Could anyone blame her? Killi is charming as heck, I’d leave my post for him.

  2. Varamo says:

    I was actually more mad about the added love story and extra action scenes they made while cutting short every scene that came from the book. Even though the ‘Epic Romance’ they added feels silly, I think the instant love between members of two races (species???) still fits in a Tolkien story (thinking about Beren and Lúthien here). And in the end I enjoyed the movie more than the first, so let the damsel in distress be a cute dwarf for once 😀

  3. kingklash says:

    Don’t forget the nice beard!

  4. jmkool says:

    The problem here is not that it feels awkward, it’s that it actually doesn’t belong. Tolkien didn’t just write a couple books, he built a whole world, and I’m the history of that world, the only interspecies relationships ate human-elf. And there is reason for this. Humans and elves were created in a similar fashion, but hobbits are fairly different, and dwarves were drastically different. They just aren’t compatible, to put it simply. And while it’s possible that somewhere, a similar story might have played out, and I might believe it so long as it ended tragically, it does not being in THIS story. You’re supposed to be putting too film a sorry that was already written, guys.

    1. jmkool says:

      Ah, sorry for all the typos.

  5. Geoff says:

    I briefly thought this was a veiled reference to Bo Bergdahl

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