#750 – Moon

Who’s a good boy?

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6 thoughts on “#750 – Moon”

  1. p.j. says:

    aaaaaoooooo, werewolves of leisure.

  2. sam says:

    this is why I’d want to be a werewolf… wait what?

  3. boog says:

    If we gave werewolves treats and rubbed their tummies once in a while instead of the whole shooting-them-with-a-silver-bullet thing, maybe in time they’d become domesticated? I know werewolves prefer human flesh, but have they tried these biscuits? They’re bacon-flavored!

    Of course then you’d here those tragic stories about people who didn’t keep their misbehaving werewolf on its leash and so it bit a child walking home from school (during a full moon? what?), and now there’s a werewolf halfling on the loose in the neighborhood wearing light-up Heelys and a Transformers backpack. People would try to get it to come to them by bribing it with bacon-flavored biscuits and tummy rubs, but it’d just stay in the bushes where it knows its safe – the last time it trusted a stranger it got bit. Eventually someone would have to call werewolf control (a specialized division of animal control) to capture it and take it to the werewolf shelter (next to the animal shelter) to wait for its owners (formerly parents) to come bail it out.

    1. mikato1 says:

      you sir, have thought this out beautifully.
      though one must wonder at what point the wolf’s instincts start interfering with the human ones, and where the rational logic bits of the brain come into the equation. not arguing that werewolf children would be a nightmare, though.

  4. kingklash says:

    And tennis balls to chase.

  5. Larkle says:


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