#739 – Refresh

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10 thoughts on “#739 – Refresh”

  1. No0ne says:

    This is me 🙁

  2. Taurin says:

    Me too, except…after 49½ years I can tell you there aren’t enough nights of sleep to make life make sense.

    1. No0ne says:

      So I should sleep days too then?

  3. boog says:

    “If I go in to work one more time, maybe I’ll like my job.”

  4. kingklash says:

    What’s scary, is when it all starts to work.

    1. infrapinklizzard says:

      Hasn’t happened yet.

  5. Teressa Maines says:

    Ant this live……………

  6. Kor says:

    The truth of this is horrifying…especially the first two.

  7. Raph says:

    Greeting from 2020 LMAO

    1. Chris says:

      It’s 2021!

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