#618 – Squirm

Sharing your meal with a friend or loved one is special. Sharing with your meal’s original tennant is not.

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9 thoughts on “#618 – Squirm”

  1. The Switchlord says:

    When I was a young boy my grandfather and father would walk me through the old orchard so we could pick and eat apples. Since they were not sprayed for worms dad would cut them up and give me the good non wormy part. Grandpa would just eat them with out looking. He would say “When I eat an apple the worms look out for me!” I miss him. and Dad.

  2. R. E. Hunter says:

    What’s worse than finding a worm in your apple?

    Finding half a worm!

  3. Reavenk says:

    What’s worse than finding a baby in your apple?

  4. boog says:

    “Still true – my doctor is afraid of worms.”

  5. witunderpressure says:

    this is probably why pirates have parrots on their shoulders

    1. natemare says:

      Wow, that makes a lot of sense actually O.O

  6. kingklash says:

    Now, it’s going to play Pinochle on his snout.

  7. Xindaris says:

    You didn’t intentionally put the title of a TMBG song in the tags there, did you?

    1. Am says:

      Maybe he was invited to give some criticism on the drum-playing abilities?

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