#603 – Charged

I think I was 19 when I got my first credit card. It had an amazing $250 limit. I remember when I bought my first item thinking “How is this happening? Why are they letting me do this?”

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6 thoughts on “#603 – Charged”

  1. boog says:

    “Honey, I just found human droppings out in the garage.”

    “Again? *sigh* I’ll set some traps.”

  2. kingklash says:

    Remember to get your pets spayed and/or neutered!

  3. Soap says:

    Is the third robot the child of the other two? It took me a minute to realize its body features are a mix of the others

  4. Trigger says:

    Robot genetics. I can only assume that they make their children by grabbing spare parts from each of them and piecing them together.

    1. boog says:

      That, and they merge their programming and spend the next 18 years working out all the bugs.

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