#440 – Casual

It’s weird. I had a few low level customer service retail jobs when I was a kid and they were always pretty flexible about the dress code. The last office job I had involved web design for a large company. They had no retail space. All our customers were through the website but somehow this was where the dress code was the most strict and enforced.

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7 thoughts on “#440 – Casual”

  1. Miles says:

    Ahh retail I have worked some jobs where the dress code made no sense at all. At Software Etc, by all accounts a freakin’ video game store, I got written up for coming to work all sweaty, while living in the middle of the desert during summer. They wanted to send me home to shower and come back within a half hour. The DM got really angry when I told her it was physically impossible for me to accomplish that for two reasons: One, I lived forty Miles away, and two, my truck had no Air Conditioning.
    At another establishment, I got written up for being dressed to nice. That’s right, slacks and a dress shirt was far to nice to be considered in dress code when I was assistant Manager at Lids. Of course, I also got written up for having too many vacation days stockpiled. Man… retail.

  2. andy says:

    ah the cubicle farm on the night shift….still had those nice trousers and a button down on though, just in case I had to talk to a customer on the phone…..

  3. Library Lady says:

    I never understood the reasoning behind being dressed “professionally” to talk to people on the phone. They were going to be just as pissed off at me whether or not I was comfortable in jeans or uncomfortable in heels and skirt. I wasn’t going to solve their problems no matter what I was wearing. Management was going to be unhappy with the outcome on both sides no matter, so why not let Customer Service wear what we wanted? At the very least we would have walked in the door comfortable. They never saw it my way. I left and went to grad school and now I can wear jeans whenever I want.

  4. kingklash says:

    I’m the only employee at a tiny art gallery. As long as I don’t look like a hobo, or a galactic emperor, I let myself get by with fairly casual fashion choices.

    1. badmartialarts says:

      The galactic emperor look might be exactly what you need at an art gallery. 🙂

  5. jammit says:

    In most radio stations, the on air DJ’s have a dress code. The thinking here is if the advertisement department has to dress up (they go out and meet clients), then the DJ’s have to be punished. If the DJ’s have a live event, they have to dress “down” for the occasion, but only after having dressed “up” for booth work.

  6. Freezie43110 says:

    It’s a mental thing. People tend to work a bit harder when they’re formally dressed. The greatest work ethic comes from wearing a lab coat.

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