#351 – Faced

I wonder how far in the future we will have to go before someone gets a face transplant for reasons other than having their original face damaged in some way. They just want a horribly painful change of pace. Maybe there will even be two people that switch faces. They should make a movie about that.

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11 thoughts on “#351 – Faced”

  1. Pyro says:

    lol, there ARE movies about that, at least 2, though I can’t think of the name of the second. If you’ll reall in the James Bond movie Die Another Day there was a considerable amount of face swapping going on amongst the villains.

    on to the comic, lol, they seem to have missed his face with the transplant.

  2. Rhiakath Flanders says:

    Two words : “Face off”.

    John Travolta and Nicholas Cage. A must see.

  3. I cast Detect Sarcasm on that last line!

    1. Chris says:

      Gold star to you!

    2. das-g says:

      It’s super effective!

  4. Wojjie says:

    AKA the third comic in a row where Chris draws a skull or otherwise disfigured head!

  5. kingklash says:

    When you want to step way beyond a typical tattoo.

  6. In Logan’s Run, you could go to a place to have your face changed. Change of pace, make you less recognizable for people who want you dead, etc.

  7. Amanda says:

    In “Repo Opera” there were face transplants for fun too. Not the most cheery movie, though.

    1. Amber Sweet says:


  8. pbarnrob says:

    Also brings to mind a Twilight Zone, where our “traditional standard” of beauty was turned upside-down. Most of the episode was shot showing neck-down, and the final scene did the kicker.

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