#269 – Steady

Whenever I have anything done at a hospital I rarely know what they are really doing to me. I always have to trust the “Looks good!” at the end. Something about the awkward smile and the over the top thumbs up makes me a little suspicious.

Today’s Biff nails it.

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9 thoughts on “#269 – Steady”

  1. ZeoViolet says:

    Most hiccup “cures” are actually designed for the amusement of your friends; not any benefit to you.

    The one hiccup cure for me that has never failed: pour a little sugar onto my tongue, then swallow some water. Done twice and hiccups are gone!!! (Not every cure seems to work for everyone but I’ve convinced a lot of others of the truth of this one…for one or two it doesn’t work.)

  2. Library Lady says:

    When they just stand around and say nothing after surgery, looking at each other trying to figure what to say in front of you is when I get worried. I wonder just how bad they screwed up and if they fixed it. Happy to say it was “probably” all my imagination.

  3. kingklash says:

    Fortunately, the patient has been frozen and had his midsection shattered. And the reassembly surgery happened during an earthquake, so it all evened out.

  4. jammit says:

    I just pinch my bottom lip for a little while. For some odd reason it seems to work for me. I have no medical or logical reason why.

  5. uwg says:

    I have learned through personal experience that the ONLY effective cure for hiccups is to emit a particularly loud and embarrassing hiccup.

  6. Radical Edward says:

    Hiccups are easy for me to catch. All I have to do is laugh hard enough until *HICCUP!*

  7. spidercow says:

    I hope i never have to have surgery… I have some sort of condition where anesthetics don’t work on me, or they don’t work very long. It would suck to wake up in the middle of an operation…

  8. 8LayerDip says:

    What I do is inhale as much air as I can, then lean over and hold my breath for as long as I can. Or if that doesn’t work, soda always works.

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