#25 – Sources

It’s funny when I see behind the scenes stuff for movies how it’s usually very interesting but it can sometimes get in the way of enjoying the movie the next time I watch it. “Oh, there’s that model they built out of foam… that’s so cool how that waterfall is actually salt… yeah, I guess that alien is just an elephant in a costume…” It’s now to the point where I will purposefully wait a year or two before I watch that kind of stuff from a movie I enjoyed. I try to give the movie some time to sink in as “real” before I debunk all of it. I still can’t watch any Star Wars movies without being conscious that the sound of C-3PO’s movements were made from a car’s power window motor.

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6 thoughts on “#25 – Sources”

  1. Mark S. says:

    Once you realize the lava is really oatmeal with an orange cel, it kinda takes the fun out of your breakfast.

  2. ElSelcho says:

    I especially liked the laser pews being produced by hitting a wire: nothing will ever be the same …

  3. Random Webcomics Junkie says:



  4. Jason says:

    Okay…I knew about Chewie…but why did you have to ruin C-3PO for me too!!! 😛

  5. m4rek says:

    The best thing to know about Star Wars is that they built a life-size model of an AT-ST for filming. Even better fact is that during the filming of Lord of War, the production team purchased 3000 real rifles because they were cheaper than props. They also rented 50 real tanks which had to be returned on a deadline so that they could be sold to one of the countries portrayed in the film.

  6. Centaur71 says:

    Just remember to ‘Chewie’ your food before you swallow. 😀

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