#242 – Grapple

I have trouble hanging on to umbrellas for very long. I’m always leaving them in movie theaters, at work or on public transportation. The problem is that I’ll leave it somewhere and not even realize it until weeks later when it’s raining again. By that time I have no idea where it would be. Maybe you have it right now.

Today’s Biff is off the clock.

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8 thoughts on “#242 – Grapple”

  1. J says:

    wait, since when does batman use an umbrella? wouldn’t the joke make more sense if he had swapped with the penguin?

    1. ZeoViolet says:

      Batman can use whatever he wants IMHO if he’s going incognito.

      “Quick, Robin, to the iBatPod!”

    2. Sam says:

      I agree, the penguin uses umbrellas, and instead of shooting a line he would be knocked out from some knock-out gas

  2. ZeoViolet says:

    Now THIS one was hilarious. XD

  3. McGehee says:

    “By that time I have no idea where it would be. Maybe you have it right now.”

    I do have your umbrella. You can have it back for one MEEL-yun dollars!

  4. kingklash says:

    Personally, I could use a ‘brella with a launching grapple on it. I’d lend it out so my friends can try to explain why it attached itself to a low-flying airplane.

  5. Kbman says:

    My biggest problem with umbrellas has been BREAKING them rather than losing them.
    Living in Southern California, we rarely have to deal with rain, though, so when we do, I usually just grab a jacket. My hat keeps most of the rain off my face.

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