#198 – Rest

I can usually drive for many hours without a problem. Sometimes though my legs freak out I just need to get out of the car. It was much easier back when we had a minivan but our little Pontiac is much more cramped. I do have better luck as a passenger. You have a lot more options of where to put your feet. The driver doesn’t have nearly as much luck in that regard. My first car was a 1979 Camaro. The driver had plenty of room in that car. People in the back seat? Not so much.

Today’s Biff is targeted.

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4 thoughts on “#198 – Rest”

  1. Library Lady says:

    My 6ft cousin and I drove cross-country from Chicago to Orange County, CA in a ’75 Corrolla eons ago. The back seat was packed full I as moving to LA. An airport baggage handler relative of ours repacked car when we stopped in OK City. After that whoever was driving was the most comfortable and the most leg room. We drove until we couldn’t stay awake then switched. By the time we got to Orange County I hated my car. We both had to unfold to get out of it. Five years later I drove an RX7 to Atlanta just as packed, but with a little more room in the front, still had to unfold me when it was all over. I now know how origami feels.

  2. Kintrex says:

    I just can’t stop staring at that guy’s enormous mouth in the first panel.

  3. Myk says:

    Chris… were you rushed, high, or a chatbot when you wrote the accompanying blurb?

    1. Chris says:

      I am not a robot, I am a unicorn.

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