#1962 – Pancake bot.

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8 thoughts on “#1962 – Pancake bot.”

  1. Stephen John Smoogen says:


    1. waterfan2 says:

      You don’t want to know which orifice whipped cream comes out of.

      This comic seriously made me giggle. Thank you.

      1. Manabi says:

        Reminds me of a Japanese Playstation 1 game. At one point in the story you get some soft-served ice cream. A little later you discover that said ice cream is made by feeding the little nyankos (they’re basically cute cat creatures) a mixture, chilling them, then squeezing the ice cream out. There’s only two flavors: vanilla and chocolate.

        It was hard to eat soft-service ice cream for a few years after that.

  2. Patrick says:

    Details please 😉 about the crown thingies all over my comics this morning….

    1. Geeky Meerkat says:

      It might be a jester’s cap. It is April 1st and I suspect some comic person contacted other comic people and was all like, “Let’s do this joke where we all put in Jester caps and then just pretend like it’s no big deal and not explain it. It’ll drive everyone mad trying to figure it out.”

      1. Luris says:

        “Maybe I am the fool…”

        1. Mahnarch says:

          “No. It is the children who are wrong.”

  3. Dieter says:

    The future ain’t what it used to be.

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